About Us

HÜNKA CABLE is enthusiastic about sharing its accumulation of knowledge of 25 years in the sector and its experiences and knowledges exceeding ten years during its manifacture with you our respectable customers. Our Company, which employee Professional staff and manufacturing in the field of cables since its establishmentis:

Since we have achieved a strong and competitive position in the World market with our production quality as being HÜNKA CABLE, we are experiencing the proud of exportation to many countries in the World as well as in Turkey.
With giving a great importance to quality and its passion to achieve the success, in a short period of time, it has taken its place in cable sector without giving up these principles. The unchangable principles of our company are ; quality, delivery on time and appropriate pricing.

HÜNKA CABLE, which performs with the principle of the quarantee of success and sustainability in the manufacture is the honesty and the quality in the service. Will continue to manufacture for next generations with the support of you our respectable customers.